Who am I?

I am Katy Linn, currently pursuing a passion for designing user experience through Carnegie Mellon's MHCI program, and dreaming up ways to make my mark on the world. I'm looking for work that I love, doing something I'm passionate about, that does something positive for people.

What can I do?

I am an experienced web developer with 2 years of industry experience working on Microsoft Office Live Small Business. This experience has proven invaluable in pursuit of my true passion of designing user experience. I have a deep understanding of technology constraints and shortcomings and can speak the developer language. It also allows me to use higher fidelity prototypes in the communication of design concepts.

What do I love?

My first passion is health, wellness, nutrition, fitness, and the entire gestalt of concerns surrounding the "healthy, active lifestyle." I'm also increasingly interested in sustainability, green living, and environmentally responsible public policy.