ibuffy : Interactive Kickboxing

For my final project for Making Things Interactive I made an Arduino/Processing based prototype of an interactive kickboxing concept. During kickboxing class, an instructor calls out routines and combinations of basic the kicks and punches that students can practice at their own pace in the time allowed. The instructor oversees students, adjusting paces to ensure that appropriate form is being kept. While kickboxing classes are extremely popular and border line addictive, punching bags in the home often sit unused, collecting dust, and listed on craigslist. I hypothesized that practicing at home lacks the interactive nature of a kickboxing class, lacking an instructor to set pace and call out routines and combinations.

ibuffy is an interactive kickboxing heavy bag prototyped with Arduino intended to serve the two missing components of a home kickboxing workout. Firstly, kickboxers use a simple Processing GUI to program the combinations and routines for a great workout. ibuffy indicates where to hit next, similar to a Rock Band or Dance Dance Revolution song. Secondly, it senses the force with which the targets are hit, and adjusts the pace accordingly, to ensure that proper form is being kept, guaranteeing the most effective workout.

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More on Process & Implementation