epistemaps: Knowledge Mapping

We use the web to research the products we want and the places we go. We parse through hundreds of product reviews, e-pinions, and other editorials seeking that nugget of helpful information, to be confident in our understanding of a knowledge space. We use bookmarks, histories, Evernote, post-its, or even text documents to organize our work as we go. We eventually find our way, draw our conclusions, and leave the next person interested in whatever knowledge space to perform the same painstaking research task.

Epistemaps is an information aggregation tool that allows consumers to collect, organize, and explore editorial content around the factors that matter to them, leaving behind an information footprint to help others find their way through the same space

Epistemaps works with two pieces: a web clipper and a workspace. The web clipper is installed in the browser and can clip, tag and store content as users surf the web. The workspace allows users to investigate and analyze a visual knowledge space of the information they have gathered.

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